DIY Non-Greasy Face Cream

DIY Non-Greasy Face Cream

When summer arrives and temperatures rise, moisturizing our skin with creams or lotions is the last thing on our minds. Applying a skin cream rich in oils and butter would make us sweat just thinking about it. To continue to moisturize the skin but in a gentle and fresh way, I made a DIY face cream that is non-greasy and perfect for summer. Check it out!

Solid Homemade Dish Soap Recipe

Solid Homemade Dish Soap Recipe

Among the soaps that I just can’t give up is bar soap based on coconut oil. Just to have this ally at home, it’s really worth it to start making soaps. In this post, I show you a recipe to make solid homemade dish soap using the cold process method.
Creating dish soap at home is perfect for reducing the amount of plastic produced in the kitchen and thus implementing a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

How to live sustainably

How to Live more Sustainably

The climate events of the last few days are the consequence of a global problem that we are all called upon to remedy. Knowing that every action has a global effect is the first step to live in a more sustainable way but it is not enough. To respect our planet and preserve it for future generations even the smallest action can serve the cause. Let’s reduce NOW the waste, the plastic, and the obsessive consumerism to ensure a clean and healthy future for us but especially for the younger generations who have the right to enjoy (in the same way we are doing) nature and its beauty.
In the article, 4 simple changes that I have put into practice to impact less on the environment. Check it out!

How to make rainbow candle

How to make a colorful rainbow candle

To personalize our homes a detail that can not miss is a beautiful candle that illuminates and perfumes our environments. We have seen many minimalist and elegant candles but today I show you something different, a fun, colorful, and joyful candle. I decided to make a fantastic colorful candle on the occasion of Pride month with the characteristic colors of the rainbow flag. To make it, I used soy wax and a lot of creativity! Let’s see how to make a colorful and scented candle with soy wax.

beard balm DIY

DIY Beard Balm | How to soften the beard

In recent years, more and more men have decided to change their looks by opting for long beards and hair. But this desire can turn out to be more difficult than expected if you don’t want to end up with unkempt and shaggy hair and beard. In this post, I show you how to create a beard balm with only 3 ingredients and no need for any essential oils. Creating quality products with just a few ingredients is really possible.

melt and pour lavender

Lavender Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

How to prepare soaps at home without caustic soda and in a short time? The solution is called melt and pour soap recipes. Soap recipes with melt and pour are ideal for beginners who want to try their hand at something beautiful and creative. In this article, I show you how to prepare a lavender melt and pour soap recipe. A scented natural soap with lavender flowers without lye. Check it out!

Skinimalism | The New Skincare Trend

Skinimalism | The New Skincare Trend

When I first read about the new trend in skincare I thought ‘this is for me!’. Yes, because the new skincare trend is called Skinimalism and it wants to combine two important concepts. On the one hand the importance of a good skincare routine and on the other hand the awareness that sometimes “less is more”, applying a minimalist style. In this article, we will better understand what Skinimalism means and some ideas to put into practice.

DIY Anti-aging face oil

DIY Anti-Aging Face Oil

The application of a face serum is part of the recommended steps for good skin care. Serums are cosmetic products rich in active substances that are generally applied after cleansing the skin and the application of a moisturizing mask. In short, it a useful product that I immediately wanted to make at home.
My point of view is that it is not necessary to use so many ingredients to create a good product, the important thing is to choose them carefully to benefit from their characteristic. In this post, I show you how I created my own anti-aging oil with only 3 ingredients. Check it out.

Spring ideas | special occasions and home decor

Spring ideas | special occasions and home decor

Following my last post – “best zero waste products on Etsy”, I realized that Mother’s Day is coming up and Etsy really offers a wide range of ideas. So why not share with you my favorite handmade items from small businesses for special occasions? I also dedicated a section to some original and creative spring – summer themed ideas. Check it out here!