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DIY Beard Balm | How to soften the beard

In recent years, more and more men have decided to change their looks by opting for long beards and hair. My husband has also decided to change his look, choosing to let his hair and beard grow. But this desire can turn out to be more difficult than expected if you don’t want to end up with unkempt and shaggy hair and beard. It wasn’t long ago that my husband started to ask “But.. how can I moisturize and soften my beard?“. To make my husband’s beard softer, I made a beard balm with only three ingredients but no essential oils. Before making it, though, I did my research to figure out what types of products are formulated for beards and what would be the ideal product for someone, like my husband, who has a not-yet-long beard.

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DIY Beard Balm | How to soften the beard
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How to soften the beard

To make the beard softer and healthier there are different products that we can make such as oils, balms, or even beard waxes. However, each one has a different function.

Beard oils are mainly used to moisturize that part of the face hidden by the beard. These must be light, non-comedogenic (do not form pimples and blackheads), and easily absorbed. Beard balms, on the other hand, have a solid but soft consistency. They are applied directly to the beard and are formulated to moisturize and discipline it. Lastly, beard waxes consist mainly of waxes, such as beeswax, which give the product a harder consistency than a beard balm. Waxes are applied in small amounts to the beard and are meant to be a tool to shape it so you can create your own style. Think of an upturned mustache, like the Dalí mustache, in this case, beard waxes are the perfect product.

How do you moisturize your beard?

To moisturize and soften my husband’s beard, I chose to make a beard balm. For a beard that is not yet long but looks unruly and undisciplined, making a beard balm is the way to start taking care of it right away.

To make it, I used three ingredients:

  • Shea butter, to make the beard softer and healthier,
  • Jojoba oil macerated with rosemary, to moisturize the beard and make it less dry. I personalized it with the pleasant notes of rosemary avoiding essential oils,
  • white Beeswax to give consistency to the balm.

As you may have noticed there are no essential oils. In this recipe, I preferred to avoid them because the balm is intended for very sensitive skin. To make the beard balm smell good, however, I let some organic rosemary leaves macerate in Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is wonderful as a carrier oil, it absorbs easily and is not greasy. It’s perfect for those with medium-length beards because it will penetrate between the beard and moisturize the face skin, nourishing it and making it healthier. If you want to read more about herbs-infused oils to add to DIY products, you can find a dedicated article of mine here.

Of course, you can always avoid maceration, and feel free to use essential oils. Rosemary or sandalwood essential oils are among my favorites for this type of product. Typically, no more than 2 drops per 10 mL of Jojoba oil.

DIY Beard balm with 3 ingredients – How to make it

To make this beard balm you will need:

When the organic rosemary leaves have been macerating for about three weeks, the oil is ready to be used in the recipe. To prepare it, we need to filter the macerated oil through a strainer or cotton cloth separating it from the rosemary leaves.

infused oil

At this point, we pour 3 teaspoons of jojoba oil into a small glass bowl suitable for the bain-marie. We combine the oil with two teaspoons of shea butter and a teaspoon of beeswax. Let’s melt everything gently in a bain-marie and when the ingredients are homogeneous we remove from heat.

Stir with a teaspoon to cool the conditioner slowly and observe as the balm begins to take on a more solid but soft consistency. We continue to stir for a few minutes. When cooled, we pour the balm into a container and the product is ready for use. If you want to see a little video with the process, check out the reel I created on Instagram. If you don’t already follow me don’t forget to. 🙂

DIY Beard balm

How to use our DIY beard balm

After washing your face well, take some of the product and melt it on the palm of your hand. The warmth of your hand will make the balm fluid and ready for application. Apply the product carefully by massaging it into your beard.

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