How to make rainbow candle

How to make a colorful rainbow candle

To personalize our homes a detail that can not miss is a beautiful candle that illuminates and perfumes our environments. We have seen many minimalist and elegant candles but today I show you something different, a fun, colorful, and joyful candle. I decided to make a fantastic colorful candle on the occasion of Pride month with the distinctive colors of the rainbow flag. To make it, I used soy wax and a lot of creativity! Let’s see how to make a colorful and scented candle with soy wax.

Before discovering how to make them, take a look at my last course entirely dedicated to how to make soy candles. A brief introduction to getting started with creating soy candle!

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rainbow candle
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Candle making ingredients

The main ingredients we will need to pay special attention to are the wax and the dyes. To make this candle, I used 100% soy wax. Choosing the right soy wax is an important step because it is the main component in this project. Since you want to make the candle inside a high temperature resistant glass container, I recommend choosing a soy wax suitable for containers.

Particularly for this candle, dyes are crucial. In this project, we need 7 colors, the seven typical colors of the rainbow flag. So purple, blue, sky blue, green, yellow, orange, and red are the colors we will need to get. There are different types of dyes for coloring candles. We can find them in powder, liquid, or color bars. I chose liquid dyes specifically for candles to have a guaranteed and uniform result. In addition to soy wax and dyes, we will also need to get a container resistant to high temperatures, a fragrance, and a wick. I chose respectively a coconut fragrance and a wooden wick but you can choose the ones you prefer.

How to make rainbow candle

Ingredients and tools

Before we move on to the creative phase, let’s see in detail what we will need:

How much wax and fragrance are needed?

Wanting to create a candle with several layers, we need to do some simple calculations to make sure each layer has the same thickness. It’s best to plan out the details of the candle before you get an uneven candle that doesn’t look good.

The container can hold 203 g (7.2Oz) of soy wax. I chose to use 6% fragrance which corresponds to 14.4g (0.5Oz). Knowing these two values, we will have to divide them by seven which corresponds to the number of layers we want to make. By doing so, we will have to use 29g (1Oz) of soy wax and 2g (0.07Oz) of fragrance for each layer. Now that we know the quantities needed for each layer we can create the candle.

How to make a colorful rainbow candle | Video Tutorial

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How to make a colorful rainbow candle | Step by step

  • Before weighing out the soy wax, I added 2g (0.07Oz) of fragrance and 3-4 drops of dye to the seven glass containers respectively.
How to make rainbow candle
  • I set them aside and moved on to weighing the total amount of soy wax in a Pyrex container. Once weighed, I melt it in the microwave and check the temperature to make sure it’s not too high. The soy wax I used has a pouring temperature between 50-70°C (122-158°F).
  • Being careful, I pour 29g (1Oz) of soy wax into each of the containers containing fragrance and dye and stir to make the solution homogeneous.
How to make rainbow candle
  • In the meantime, I attach the wooden wick to the base of the container and am ready to pour the first layer, the purple layer. Once poured we will have to wait for the wax to cool and solidify.
How to make rainbow candle
  • Obviously, in this time the other six layers will also cool down and become solid. In order to pour them, we will just have to melt them again in the microwave, check the temperature and pour them on the previous layer. Layer after layer, we will have made our rainbow scented candle and all that remains is to shorten the wick and light it.

NB: If you prefer you can prepare one layer at a time. Melt only the wax required for that layer and customize it with fragrances and dyes. Once poured and solidified you can move on to the next layer, weighing out more wax and adding the respective dye from that layer, and so on.

How to make rainbow candle

I loved making this candle. It took some time but it was well worth it. It’s cheerful and joyful as well as fragrant and super colorful! Also ideal as a gift. If you’d like to read another easy and colorful rainbow-themed recipe, check it out here and learn how to create relaxing and colorful bath salts.

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