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How to make oat milk

How to make oat milk | Nondairy Substitute for Milk

Among the nondairy substitutes for milk I have tried, the oat and almond ones are among my favorites. Producing them at home is a very simple and fast process. I was intrigued by their simplicity I wanted to try preparing the oat one. A simple recipe that will help us save a little extra money and be eco-friendlier and more sustainable. In this post, I show you how to prepare homemade oat milk in just a few minutes. A few ingredients to prepare a good and healthy drink!

Homemade Mosquito Repellent Spray

Homemade Mosquito Repellent Spray

With the arrival of summer and hot weather, mosquitoes and their dreaded bites arrive. Who hasn’t had sleepless nights because of the constant buzzing of these annoying insects? In this post, I show you how to make a simple homemade mosquito repellent spray using only a few ingredients. Let’s see how.

Solid Homemade Dish Soap Recipe

Solid Homemade Dish Soap Recipe

Among the soaps that I just can’t give up is bar soap based on coconut oil. Just to have this ally at home, it’s really worth it to start making soaps. In this post, I show you a recipe to make solid homemade dish soap using the cold process method.
Creating dish soap at home is perfect for reducing the amount of plastic produced in the kitchen and thus implementing a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

DIY deodorant without baking soda

DIY Deodorant without Baking Soda

When you decide to create DIY products at home, the first desire is often to make an effective and natural deodorant. However, the recipes you come across online are often baking soda-based, which might be too aggressive for sensitive and delicate skin. It is possible to get around this obstacle and prepare a great DIY vegan deodorant without baking soda. Taking advantage of the antimicrobial and sweat-absorbing properties of certain ingredients, it will be easy to create our own DIY deodorant without baking soda. Check out the post for more info and details.

crochet makeup remover pads

Crochet Makeup Remover Pads

To reduce the amount of waste produced, one way could be to create your own products at home. Among the most useful DIY techniques for this purpose is crochet. Knowing how to crochet means you can create useful items with just a ball of yarn and a crochet hook.
My first project is to create washable makeup remover pads to store in a glass jar. Great idea to stop buying disposable cotton makeup remover pads wrapped in plastic packaging.

best diy products to make at home

7 Best DIY things to make at home

How many times have we thought just outside a supermarket, “I only bought a few things but I still spent a fortune!!!”. This is a phrase I’ve heard but also said quite often. So why not create homemade products that you can easily make to save money? In this post, I’ll show you my 7 Best DIY things to make at home. Creating homemade products will allow us to save money, but above all reduce the amount of plastic produced.

DIY avocado face mask

Avocado, yogurt, and honey face mask

One of the most versatile and effective ingredients of DIY skincare is undoubtedly avocado. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, avocado helps to nourish our skin, making it brighter and more toned. But what if we add more ingredients to create a super face mask? That’s it! With the addition of yogurt and honey, we will transform a simple avocado into a nourishing face mask suitable for all skin types. Let’s start right now to prepare our avocado yogurt and honey face mask!

cleaning with vinegar

DIY Vinegar Cleaner That Actually Smells Great

To reduce the amount of waste and plastic as much as possible, I decided to replace some household cleaning products with just one. I prepared at home my natural cleaner using only 3 ingredients storing it in an old glass container. I will show you a very simple recipe to create a DIY vinegar cleaner that actually smells great. A MUST of natural DIY and zero-waste philosophy. In this post you will also discover why vinegar is an ideal ingredient as a natural cleaner and we will see it from a chemical point of view!

DIY natural face masks pumpkin

4 DIY natural face masks recipes with pumpkin

As temperatures get colder and colder, our skin risks becoming drier every day. To prevent it from losing its natural moisture, I have made a series of face masks to take care of it, giving it the right moisture and protection.
In this post, I want to show you how with just one ingredient you can create up to 4 face masks! Read on and you will find out my 4 DIY natural face masks recipes with pumpkin! What better ingredient than the symbol of autumn?!

diy fall home decor

DIY Fall Home Decor

With its warm colors and indistinguishable scents, autumn is one of my favorite seasons. To celebrate autumn in the best possible way, I decided to bring its colors into the house according to my zero-waste philosophy! Avoid buying useless plastic items but only decorate only with autumn elements that can be eaten or composted once autumn is over. Let’s see DIY Fall home decor!