best diy products to make at home

7 Best DIY things to make at home

How many times have we thought just outside a supermarket, “I only bought a few things but I still spent a fortune!”. This is a phrase I’ve heard but also said quite often. So why not create homemade products that you can easily make to save money? In this post, I’ll show you my 7 Best DIY things to make at home. Creating homemade products will allow us to save money, but above all reduce the amount of plastic produced. Without wasting any more time, let’s see which are the homemade products that you can easily make to save money

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Things you should make instead of buy

Let’s start with the list of best DIY things to make at home, and in particular, let’s start with beauty products for skin and hair that we can make instead of buying.

best diy products to make at home

1. DIY scrubs

A key step in the skincare routine is exfoliation. Exfoliating our face or body is very important because it promotes cell regeneration by helping to eliminate dead cells. To create a DIY scrub we can use simple ingredients found in our pantry. To exfoliate the body we can use 4 tablespoons of coffee powder combined with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a little honey. This is a simple recipe that will save us from buying expensive exfoliating creams sold in plastic containers. Some recipes to create your own scrubs are available on my blog, such as orange and cinnamon, or coffee and honey.

orange and cinnamon body scrub

2. DIY face mask

After exfoliating our face, a nourishing mask is what is often recommended. Preparing a face mask is among the beauty products that give us the opportunity to express our creativity to the fullest. Looking through my blog, you will find different types of face masks. We can create DIY face masks using clays mixed with water or have fun using fruit and yogurt, enriching it with honey. Some examples can be found here with banana, cucumber, and honey.

DIY avocado face mask

3. DIY face cream and lip balms

Staying with facial skincare, another product we can make instead of buying is a face cream. Face cream, unlike scrubs or face masks, requires more ingredients but with a small initial investment, we can make our own face cream and customize it with active ingredients specific to our skin type. To see an example of face cream, you can check out my post.

face cream normal skin | DIY things to make at home

In this section, I would also add lip balms. Choosing products with the right ingredients, especially lip balms, is so important because just talking, eating or drinking will cause us to unknowingly assimilate them. In my course “ Quick Start: How to make lip balm and more” I wanted to talk about this so I could help you create your own lip products in awareness. Have a look at my short guide that sums up the main concept!

4. DIY hair mask

Even our hair needs care and nourishment. For dry and dull hair, creating a “zero-waste” mask can help us restore vigor to the scalp and hair without having to spend a fortune. What would you think, if I told you that with a little rice water or coconut oil your hair would look brighter and healthier? I wanted to try these two ingredients on my hair and the results were amazing. Used alone or together with other ingredients, available in our pantry, these masks will make our hair perfect and shinier.

hair mask

If you want to find out more, and read recipes and benefits of these ingredients, feel free to check out these posts of mine:

before after hair mask
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Best DIY things to make at home | Household products we won’t buy anymore

5. Surface cleaner

No more buying products with who knows what ingredients, to clean cooktops, sinks, or ceramic sanitary ware. With just water, vinegar and lemon we can stop spending money on expensive cleaners and prepare a more effective one with just a few euros (or $). The recipe is very simple and you can check it out by clicking here. I love it and I wouldn’t go back to buying commercial ones.

cleaning with vinegar

6. Candles with soy wax

To perfume your home you can make simple candles with soy wax. Unlike commercially available paraffin-based candles, these do not release harmful substances when burning, making them more “green”. Soy wax is not particularly expensive. It is also very easy to handle and remove if it should fall on tables or countertops. You can find it here! If you’d like to try making scented candles, take a look at my course entirely dedicated to how to make soy candles. Basic information, chemistry concepts, and a detailed tutorial to master this technique like a pro.

7. Room scenters

If you’re curious about natural home scenting but don’t want to make candles, I have the solution! You can make a room scenter using the simmer pot method by choosing the herbs you like best. I used mint, lemon, sage, and rosemary in my last recipe and the smell was amazing! If you like the idea, click here to learn about the procedure and basic recipe steps.

simmer pot

These are my 7 Best DIY things to make at home that can give us great results and save us money. So why not give them a try. If you have other recipes you’d like to share leave them in the comments or tag me on Instagram find me as c6beauty.

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