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avocado skincare

Avocado for Skin care: Benefits, DIY Recipes, More

Avocado is not only a tasty fruit but also an amazing ingredient in skincare! In DIY beauty recipes, avocado can either be used directly or as an oil. Avocado oil is, in fact, rich in nutrients and, for this reason, it is an essential ingredient in skin creams or homemade soaps. In this article, I will show you what are its main benefits and uses in DIY skincare, also showing some examples of DIY recipes with avocado.

uses of aloe vera gel hair skin

7 Amazing uses of Aloe Vera Gel

Hello, Beauties! Aloe vera is always present in my favorite natural remedies. This plant has incredible uses and benefits. In a previous post of mine, I showed you how easy it can be to make aloe vera gel at home according to your needs. You can create it from the leaves of the plant itself or using aloe vera powder extract. If you want to make it at home you can have a look here at my article.
Today, I want to share 7 Amazing uses of aloe vera gel both for skin and hair.