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Category where the basic knowledge about DIY are explained. You will learn the basics of making creams, soaps and many other products. DIY is a great hobby, but it has to be done with criteria and awareness of what you will handle and use. Safety first!

soap rancidity DOS

Soap rancidity

When creating homemade soaps with the cold method we can run into a pretty common problem: soap rancidity. Unfortunately soap rancidity can happen to anyone even if we pay attention to the procedure or formulation. But what exactly is the phenomenon of soap rancidity? Can we avoid it? Can we somehow correct it once it …

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Quick Guide | Wick for Candle Making

Quick Guide | Wick for Candle Making

DIY candle making may seem like a simple hobby that doesn’t require too much experience. The truth is that each step is crucial to obtaining a quality candle. This quick guide about wick for candle making, aims to help you choose the right wick for your candles, understanding their characteristics and applications.

how to make infused oils

How to make herb-infused oil

Herb maceration is one of the most used techniques in do-it-yourself cosmetics. This technique allows the preparation of unique herb-infused oils with peculiar properties given by the chosen herbs. Herb-infused oils are easy to make, require only two ingredients, and can be used in many beauty recipes. In this post, let’s see how to make an herb-infused oil that is perfect for the skin.

cleaning with vinegar

DIY Vinegar Cleaner That Actually Smells Great

To reduce the amount of waste and plastic as much as possible, I decided to replace some household cleaning products with just one. I prepared at home my natural cleaner using only 3 ingredients storing it in an old glass container. I will show you a very simple recipe to create a DIY vinegar cleaner that actually smells great. A MUST of natural DIY and zero-waste philosophy. In this post you will also discover why vinegar is an ideal ingredient as a natural cleaner and we will see it from a chemical point of view!

pros cons soap making

Pros and cons of making soap

If the idea of creating soaps has always attracted you but you are still not quite sure if it is really worth it, in this article you will find the main pros and cons of homemade soap to help you in this decision.
But, you know..I found myself in this situation too. When I got interested in do-it-yourself beauty recipes, the idea of starting frightened me because I didn’t want to risk losing money and time in something that I wouldn’t be able to do. But my concern turned out to be wrong! Discover how!Check out the blog post!:)

sunscreen facts

Sunscreen facts | How to get a tan faster?

Summer has officially arrived and with it also the desire to wear something lighter and finally enjoy the adored warmth and the hot sun. But how to get a faster tan without risking terrible redness and erythema? In this post, we will talk about some sunscreen facts and why it is important to apply a proper protection factor.

list soap tools

List of soap making supplies

Making soap at home is one of my favorite hobbies. The idea of being able to make a soap with vegetable oils and customize it with colors and scents, amuses and stimulates me. In addition, it also makes me more eco-sustainable, not having to buy soap with useless packaging that sooner or later will have to be thrown away. In this post, I decided to list all the tools you need to have if you want to make soap at home with the cold method. To learn more about this method, read also my previous article where I describe the whole process and its execution. Are you ready to get started with this comprehensive list of soap making supplies??