soap rancidity DOS

Soap rancidity

When creating homemade soaps with the cold method we can run into a pretty common problem: soap rancidity. Unfortunately soap rancidity can happen to anyone even if we pay attention to the procedure or formulation. But what exactly is the phenomenon of soap rancidity? Can we avoid it? Can we somehow correct it once it …

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swirl soaps

How to make Swirl in Cold Process Soap with Wrong Formulation

Creating homemade soaps using the cold process method is a growing hobby. Being able to make soaps with oils of our choice and decorate them according to our tastes, makes their creation irresistible. Among the most beautiful decorations to admire and reproduce is the swirl technique. This technique allows you to create beautiful colorful patterns …

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lotion bar

How to make a DIY solid body lotion with tangerine

What I love about creating do-it-yourself beauty products is that you can customise them as you wish using only your creativity. In this article, for example, I decided to make a DIY solid body lotion using a special ingredient, an organic tangerine infused oil. This recipe is ideal as a vegan alternative because it only contains ingredients of plant origin. To formulate this do-it-yourself solid body lotion, I used a vegetable wax instead of beeswax to make the product vegan. Let’s see how to prepare it, reading this article.

Quick Guide | Wick for Candle Making

Quick Guide | Wick for Candle Making

DIY candle making may seem like a simple hobby that doesn’t require too much experience. The truth is that each step is crucial to obtaining a quality candle. This quick guide about wick for candle making, aims to help you choose the right wick for your candles, understanding their characteristics and applications.

How to make oat milk

How to make oat milk | Nondairy Substitute for Milk

Among the nondairy substitutes for milk I have tried, the oat and almond ones are among my favorites. Producing them at home is a very simple and fast process. I was intrigued by their simplicity I wanted to try preparing the oat one. A simple recipe that will help us save a little extra money and be eco-friendlier and more sustainable. In this post, I show you how to prepare homemade oat milk in just a few minutes. A few ingredients to prepare a good and healthy drink!