Home remedies against stretch marks

Home remedies against stretch marks

Stretch marks are blemishes much hated by many. They can be concentrated mainly in the abdominal area, breasts or legs and, once formed, are difficult to eliminate. So the solution is to prevent them, dedicating precious time to our skin. An evening cuddle to dedicate before going to bed through the application of oils or creams with elasticizing function. In this article, I want to show you how to create two perfect products to make our skin more toned and elastic, thus reducing the occurrence of stretch marks. Two home remedies against stretch marks with different difficulty of execution. Choose the one that best suits your needs and try to recreate it at home.

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Stretch marks why do they come?

To prevent the occurrence of stretch marks in the skin, it is necessary that the skin is toned, elastic and well hydrated. Therefore, we must avoid neglecting it, making it dehydrated and dry. This condition does not allow it to adapt to changes in the body that may be for example given by physiological changes or special events such as pregnancy. These sudden changes can lead to tears in the dermis of the skin resulting in scarring and stretch mark formation. Having a well hydrated, toned and elastic skin will help the skin to react optimally to these possible stressful situations avoiding the formation of lesions in the dermis and subsequent stretch marks.

In many cases, however, the onset of stretch marks has a genetic origin, so if you have a predisposition to their formation will not be easy to avoid them.

Home remedies against stretch marks
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Best elasticizing oils

Having an elastic and toned skin is the basic requirement to avoid stretch marks. Taking care of it, however, is not difficult and does not require much time. Although on the market there are good products intended for this purpose, such as Weleda for pregnancy that I strongly recommend, in this article I want to show you how to create two home remedies against stretch marks with a few ingredients.

The main ingredients to use are elasticizing oils. These oils are oils that are easily absorbed, with excellent emollient properties and rich in vitamins and antioxidants that prevent cellular aging. The best vegetable oils for this purpose are:

  • Sweet almond oil,
  • Jojoba oil,
  • Wheat germ oil
  • Argan oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Linseed oil

all with a high content of vitamin E.

1. Home remedies against stretch marks: body oil

The first home remedy that I propose is so simple that doesn’t require much effort or time. A DIY Body oil that, with a few ingredients, will allow you to nourish your skin and make it more toned.

To create it we will need:

The procedure is extremely simple. Just combine the ingredients and mix them. The DIY elasticizing oil is ready to be used.

DIY oil elasticizer

2. Home remedies against stretch marks: DIY elasticizing cream

Watch the video tutorial

The second remedy is a variant of the first. We are going to create a cream for those who do not like to apply oils directly on the skin but instead prefer the creaminess of a body cream. To create this elasticizing cream, I wanted to use the same oils listed in the previous recipe and then added others ingredients to make the skin cream stable and consistent. Let’s see what ingredients and in what dosage are required.


Phase A
Phase B
Phase C

Instructions | DIY elasticizing cream

Let’s start with phase A. Dissolve Xanthan gum in glycerin and then add distilled water. Stir and leave it for a few minutes. During this time, the solution will begin to gel, increasing its viscosity.

Let’s prepare phase B. We combine all the ingredients listed in this step, namely the oils, butter, stearic acid and emulsifier and heat them in a bain-marie or microwave. I used the microwave 650W for about 40sec. When the emulsifier has dissolved we can move on to the next step.

Now we are ready to pour the oils into the water/glycerin solution. Mix with a blender until the two phases are well homogeneous and we have obtained a soft and creamy consistency. Now all we have to do is let the mass cool down to a temperature of about 40°C.

It is time to add phase C, that is, vitamin E and the preservative. In case you want to customize the cream with a fragrance this is the time to add it. Let’s mix phase C to combine them with the cream. Our DIY elasticizing cream is ready.

elasticizing cream

Home remedies against stretch marks: How to use it

Both products will moisturize our skin, making it more toned and elastic. Their use is so simple. Just apply a little amount of product on the area to be moisturized and massage describing small concentric circles. We can apply it after taking a nice relaxing shower or before going to bed. Let’s dedicate some time to the care of our skin with a small gesture and a good homemade elasticizing cream.

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