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7 Amazing uses of Aloe Vera Gel

Hello, Beauties! Aloe vera is always present in my favorite natural remedies. In a previous post of mine, I showed you how easy it can be to make aloe vera gel at home according to your needs. You can create it from the leaves of the plant itself or using aloe vera powder extract. If you want to make it at home you can have a look here at my article.
Today, I want to share 7 Amazing uses of aloe vera gel both for skin and hair.

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7 Amazing uses of Aloe Vera Gel

7 amazing uses of aloe vera gel for hair and skin
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The effectiveness of aloe vera gel is due to its countless components. Rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and much more, aloe vera gel is able to give deep hydration to the skin as well as accelerate the healing process in case of damaged skin. It is precise with regard to this function that we see the first remedy.

Pure aloe vera gel uses

Relieve sunburn

Aloe vera gel is an excellent natural remedy to soothe the skin in case of irritation or minor burns. It can, in fact, be an excellent natural alternative to common after-sun lotions. In this way, in addition to using our favorite plant, we will reduce the environmental impact that the purchase of a commercial product generates. Just imagine the amount of CO2 produced or water and energy used just to create the packaging that will contain the lotion.

Heal wounds

The aloe vera gel is also a great wound healer! The healing process will be accelerated only by applying a bit of aloe vera gel to a wound or abrasion! I personally tested with excellent results! Highly recommended!!

Aloe vera gel uses for skin

aloe vera gel for skin

If you don’t use aloe vera gel in your skincare routine, it’s time to add it in. Aloe vera gel is a powerful moisturizer and, used into masks or skin creams, allows the skin to appear healthier and softer. With its antiseptic power, it can be an excellent remedy for acne-prone or damaged skin. In my do-it-yourself recipes, the use of aloe vera is a constant, and I strongly recommend you include it in your formulations so that you don’t lose any of its benefits. Some simple applications may be:

Aloe vera facial cleanser

For effective skincare, it is important to adopt a correct routine that starts with a deep cleansing of the face. A good product that we can make at home has aloe vera gel as its protagonist. To prepare it, we will only need:

We will simply have to mix the clay with the aloe vera gel and add water in sufficient quantity to create a not very dense paste. At this point, we apply it to the face massaging gently and focusing on the T-zone and chin. The white clay is the most delicate and is perfect for all skin types.

Tips: avoid using metal spoons that will inhibit the effect of the clay. Wood or glass will be perfect instead. Make the product only when you need it. Since there are no preservatives, it is not recommended to keep it for a long time.

Chocolate and Aloe Vera face scrub

The second step is a gentle facial scrub using chocolate as an exfoliant. In my last course dedicated to DIY lip care products, I wanted to explain the role of exfoliants in beauty products and why some should be avoided. You can find the link here.
For a delicate face scrub with aloe vera gel you will need:

Simply mix these three ingredients, apply to the face and massage gently with rotating movements. Rinse with lukewarm water and you’re done.

Anti-aging Aloe Vera serum

After scrubbing, it is recommended to use a moisturizer to restore the natural balance of the skin. To do this, you can make a DIY moisturizer or you can make a serum with only two ingredients.
The serum is a concentrate of active ingredients ideal for mature skin that require extra protection. To create this serum, we only need:

Rosehip oil is an oil rich in antioxidants ideal for preventing the signs of aging. It also provides excellent results as a healing agent, reducing imperfections due to acne or sunburn.
This oil is, therefore, ideal for anti-aging serums because it can give elasticity and hydration to the skin (Handbook of formulating natural cosmetics).
To make this serum, simply combine the two ingredients and mix them vigorously.

Tips: since it is impossible to combine the two ingredients in a homogeneous and stable way, I suggest you prepare it just before use to prevent aloe and oil from separating over time. In any case, just shake the two ingredients well before each use.

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Aloe vera gel uses for hair

aloe vera gel for hair

Aloe vera gel is an excellent ally for the care of our hair. It is able to protect, strengthen, and nourish them but also to stimulate their growth. Aloe vera gel is also an excellent natural remedy for relieving irritation and inflammation of the scalp, responsible for dandruff or itching.

Aloe Vera hair mask

To give strength to our hair, a simple remedy is the application of a mask. If you follow my blog, you will know that I love hair masks and have tried any mix of fruit and natural ingredients. The most effective mask I have found so far consists of:

The mask can be prepared in a short time giving very good final results. If you want to know more, click here to read the recipe, its application, and benefits.

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Hair strengthening gel

A few months ago, I also started using Aloe vera gel to nourish my hair. Since my hair are curly and long, I decided to replace the normal hair gel with aloe vera gel. I love this eco-alternative! My hairs are brighter, healthier, and more defined.


In conclusion, Aloe vera gel is a panacea and cannot be missing in our DIY recipes. We can apply it to the skin or as a hair remodeling agent, obtaining magnificent results in both cases.
These are my 7 amazing uses of aloe vera gel. And how do you use it? Do you recommend any recipes?

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