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DIY Face Cream for Normal Skin

My beloved DIY green tea face cream is over and I urgently need a new one. These days, my skin face is not particularly dry so I decided to make a DIY face cream perfect for normal skin using less percentage of oils. This new cream will be formulated using fewer ingredients and adding the fragrance you chose through the survey on Instagram (don’t forget to follow me there). In the latter, I asked which fragrance to use between vanilla and lavender, and the result was 56% for lavender against 44% vanilla.

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DIY face cream for normal skin
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DIY Face Cream for Normal Skin

Creating your own cream at home is a perfect method to be able to choose which ingredients to apply to our skin according to our needs. To create our cream we will need three important categories of ingredients: oils and butter, water and ingredients soluble in it, and an emulsifier to combine these two phases. In these links, you will find some theoretical background and the ingredients that can not be missing in your cream.

Ingredients: DIY face cream for normal skin

The ingredients for 100g (3.5 oz) are:

Phase A

Phase B

Phase C


Phase A

  • In a glass jar, weigh the Xanthan Gum and add glycerin. Mix the two ingredients with a teaspoon and leave it for a while.
  • Warm up the distilled water and, once it’s hot, pour into the glass jar containing Xanthan gum and glycerin, and mix them.

Phase B

  • In a second glass jar, weigh all the ingredients listed as Phase B such as oils, butters, and emulsifiers. Warm them up in a microwave or in a bain-marie till they are melted.

Phase A+B

  • Pour the phase B into A (both warmed).
  • Mix the two phases using a hand blender and let the cream cool down.
pour and mix face cream

Phase C

  • When the cream has reached room temperature, we can add all the ingredients from step C and combine them with the face cream.
phase c

Now your cream is ready to be used. I used an old container that I previously washed and labeling with cute adhesive tapes.

lavender skin cream

I also tried to use it as a night cream given the presence of the lavender fragrance. In fact, lavender has relaxing properties that also help against stress and insomnia.

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4 thoughts on “DIY Face Cream for Normal Skin”

  1. Hello, Nadia. Powder extracts should be introduced into the same phase in which they dissolve. If, for example, the extract you want to use dissolves in water, you can easily add it in phase A. If you bought the extract online, you should find this info among the ingredient characteristics. Otherwise, write to me here below which extract you want to use and I’ll give you my help 🙂

  2. Hi Elise! I’m glad you’re interested in making your own creams! When I use hydrolats in creams, I add them in phase A, with water and any other water-soluble ingredients. I’ll leave you the link to a post of mine, about the different phases.
    In any case, if you have other questions, write to me without hesitation. You can easily drop me a message on IG (@c6beauty) o Fb to have a more immediate response 🙂
    Happy DIY day!

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