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Plastic Free July Challenge

Plastic-free July is a global initiative that aims to raise awareness about plastic waste. To this month’s challenge, anyone can participate in refusing single-use plastic and supporting this cause. All details are well described on their website. I also wanted to do my part taking this challenge. This month, I will try to avoid as much plastic as I can pushing myself towards a plastic-free lifestyle.

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july plastic free challenge

Plastic Free July Challenge

As mentioned in my previous blog post – Zero waste lifestyle for beginners –  I’m trying to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Being more conscious about what I’m buying and trying to avoid single-use plastic.

In my opinion, switch to a plastic-free lifestyle takes time and dedication. I’m trying to do my best but it’s not so easy. Furthermore, I think that in this transition we don’t need to get rid of all our plastic items to replace them with bambù or glass ones but instead try to use and re-use what we have till it is no longer usable. For example, I’m using old cosmetic plastic jars for my DIY creams or DIY deo.

Basically, use what you have before buying new stuff.

My Plastic Free July Challenge


If you already followed me, (if not click here) you will know that I started doing DIY to reduce waste and to save money. Producing your own skin cream, soap and shampoo will reduce the amount of plastic waste disposed of in a landfill. But here, you will say  “the containers are made of plastic and they are recyclable”. Yes, you are right but many containers are made of different materials like plastic, wood, metals, etc.. and sometimes are glued together. In this case, your container will not be identified from the sorting system and will be sent to the landfill.

Some of my favorite DIY recipes are described in the section “DIY” if you want to have a look.

cold process soap making

Zero waste Skincare

I’m also started to use a zero waste skincare for my morning routine. It’s easy and doesn’t require many ingredients. If you want to give a try, you can have a look here.

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DIY Laundry Detergents

This month, I’m going to avoid commercial laundry detergents and produce my own at home. The recipe here. In the meanwhile, I’m going to use a soap bar to wash my clothes.  A valid example is the soap bar by Dr. Bronner’s. You can find it here.

Shopping bag

I’m definitely going to avoid plastic bags when I’m shopping. Reusable bags are cute and lovely. I have at home several of those made from natural fibers as ethically-produced cotton or jute.

If you are looking for a good reusable bag, you can find it here.

Sustainable clothes | Upcycling

If there’s one thing I can’t do is irrationally buy clothes! I have clothes that belonged to my sisters or cousins and that I still wear today, even though they are almost 15 years old now. I still have pajamas from when I was 12 and I still wear it because it reminds me of my childhood. That’s why when I realized I had to throw away an old T-shirt because too small, I decided to transform it into a bag and give it a second life. To do this, I asked my mum to help me with it because I’m not so good at sewing as she is. Look the result 🙂

july plastic free

Recently, I discover also a company – Planet warrior – that sells clothes for yogi made from recycled plastic bottles. I think that is a good way for a company to be more sustainable and give a contribution to the cause. Just have a look here for more info.

Toothy Tabs

Since I need to buy a new toothpaste, I will consider the idea of replacing my current toothpaste with a solid alternative. I have always been attracted by this product and now it’s the moment to try it.

I chose Toothy Tabs from Lush but on the market, there are really a lot of them and not expensive ones! Just give it a try.

And you? What you are going to do this month? Remember that also smaller actions can give a huge impact!

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