crochet makeup remover pads

Crochet Makeup Remover Pads

Being able to make something unique with your own hands is a skill that is often not given the right value. Certainly, the fault could be attributed to the possibility of obtaining everything and immediately with a single click, not considering that our purchases have to face a journey of thousands of kilometers, releasing a huge amount of CO2 into the environment. It is with this philosophy in mind, that I decided to learn a new DIY technique such as crochet. I thought that being able to crochet would be a valuable skill to reduce the purchase of many useful but disposable items and consequently reduce the amount of waste generated. My first project is to create washable crochet makeup remover pads to store in a glass jar. Great idea to stop buying disposable cotton makeup remover pads wrapped in plastic packaging.

crochet makeup remover pads
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Crochet Makeup Remover Pads

Cotton pads are in every home. Whether we wear makeup or not, they are essential for removing it but also to help us during simple facial cleansing. The amount used can clearly vary from person to person but they are certainly in every home. Making crochet makeup remover pads is really simple and does not require much experience.

To learn the basics of crochet, I got help from my mother, who has been crocheting for decades and consulting magazines she bought in the 80s. A priceless treasure of memories and useful information!

Crochet reusable makeup remover pads | What we need

To make the crochet makeup remover pads I used:


sc= single crochet (sc) (US) also known as doble crochet (db) in UK

Crochet reusable makeup remover pads | Instructions

crochet pads
  • Row 1: Start by creating a magic circle and continue by making 6 single crochet (sc). Close the magic circle with a slip stitch.
  • Row 2: Create a chain, then make two sc in each stitch that in technical jargon is called an increase. At the end of the second row, the result is 12 stitches in total. Close with a slip stitch.
  • Row 3: the third row is made by creating one sc and one increase, till the end of the circle and close with a slip stitch.
  • Row 4: two sc and one increase.
  • Row 5: three sc and one increase.
  • Row 6: four sc and one increase.
  • Row 7: five sc and one increase.
  • Row 8: six sc and one increase.

Crochet makeup remover pads Video Tutorial

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Crochet reusable makeup remover pads | Other

Using the same pattern, I made more crochet reusable makeup remover pads using other colored yarns my mom had in the house. It’s possible also to make a variant with a handle to insert the fingers.

Crochet reusable makeup remover pads

To create it you will need to do the following additional steps:

After making the slip stitch to close the circle, make 5 single crochet respectively in the first 5 stitches. At this point, alternating back and forth, make 5 single crochets in each row until you reach a length that allows you to insert your fingers.

With a crochet yarn and a crochet hook, we can create washable, and reusable makeup remover pads that can prevent us from buying periodically cotton pads wrapped in plastic packaging.

pads crochet

Creating homemade products allow us to save money, but above all to reduce the amount of plastic produced. If you would like other ideas, check my latest post about the best 7 DIY ideas to make at home. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more ideas, you find me as c6beauty.

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