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Relaxing bath salts| DIY Rainbow project

June is the month dedicated to LGBT pride. It was chosen to commemorate the Stonewall uprisings. Violent clashes between the LGBT community and the police that took place in June 1969. This year, I also wanted to create something to celebrate the LGBT community. I created rainbow-themed relaxing bath salts. A quick and easy DIY project as a symbol of equality and respect for others! Because no matter if the grain of salt is big or small, green or blue, they are (and we are) all part of the same rainbow: the rainbow of respect and equality!

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Relaxing bath salts| DIY Rainbow project

Rainbow-themed relaxing bath salts| ingredients

Making this DIY project is simple but above all fun. To create it will take very little time but in return, we can enjoy long relaxing, and scented baths. Check another idea for bath salts here.

To create it, we will need:

The tools:

Relaxing bath salts: which salts should we use?

I love to create bath salts at home because they are easy to make and can give our bodies back the right tone and energy. In these bath salts, I used kitchen salt (NaCl), excellent as a draining, and Epsom salt (MgSO4 ∙ 7H2O), i.e. magnesium sulfate heptahydrate for its relaxing properties. It is able to combat stress and muscle fatigue.

Relaxing bath salts | Procedure

  1. To prepare this relaxing rainbow bath salt I filled the final glass container with sea salt and Epsom salt in equal quantities. Then, I have shaken it well so that the two salts would mix
  2. I divided the salt into 7 bowls into equal parts
  3. I poured half a teaspoon of coconut oil into each bowl. This will help the color to mix. Furthermore, it will give a wonderful coconut smell to the rainbow salt and will moisturize our skin during the bath
  4. I poured a drop of lavender essential oil into each bowl
  5. I added to each bowl a few drops of food coloring and mixed until obtaining a homogeneous color. (Red, red+yellow=orange, yellow, green, blue, 3 drops blue + 1 drop red= purple, 1 drop blue + 3 drops red = indigo
  6. I poured the colored salts into the glass container in the right order and the bath salt is ready!

As promised the rainbow DIY project is simple and fun. I also recommend it as a DIY project for kids, but maybe avoiding the use of essential oils. As they are concentrated, their strong smell may not be very comfortable for them.

Try to make it and share your photos on Instagram! I am curious to see the result.

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