DIY Christmas bath salts

DIY Christmas Bath Salts | How to do

Hi. Christmas is officially coming! If you are looking for an easy and cheap idea for this Christmas I have here exactly what you need!! Some DIY Christmas bath salts! Making bath salts for Christmas is simple and the final result is great! Bath salts, in fact, can recreate a perfect spa effect at home! In this post I’m going to describe why bath salts are useful, what salts are used and why. I’ll show you a couple of ideas for creating special and unusual bath salts.

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DIY Christmas Bath Salts: How to make

As the name suggests, the main ingredients of bath salts are salts! Clearly, salts are not all the same and there is not only cooking salt. There are several salts, each with a specific chemical composition and able to give different benefits.

The second ingredient that is mainly used is represented by the essential oils that allow us to recreate our personal Aromatherapy at home.

What kind of salt is used in bath salts?

Typically the main salts used in bath salts are:

  • Sea salt (common table salt)
  • Epsom salt (or English salt)
  • Dead Sea Salt
  • Himalayan salt

Sea salt is, chemically speaking, sodium chloride (NaCl) obtained and purified after drying sea water. In the supermarket you can also find the variant with the addition of iodine. In bath salts, sea salt can be useful as a draining agent for water retention but unfortunately it does not help against cellulite.

Epsom salt (or English salt) is the most commonly used in bath salts. Its chemical composition is (MgSO4 βˆ™ 7H2O), i.e. magnesium sulphate heptahydrate. It is widely used in bath salts to relieve muscle tension and combat stress (read more) as well as skin hydration and reducing inflammation (read more).

Dead Sea salt is also widely used. It is obtained from the Dead Sea, as you can easily guess, and consists of a series of salts and minerals. Since the composition varies so much, it also gives it a series of benefits. It can help against inflammations and skin disorders such as psoriasis and acne, as well as can reduce the depth of skin wrinkles (read more)

Himalayan salt is used to create colourful bath salts. Chemically speaking, Himalayan salt is nothing more than sodium chloride, simple kitchen salt, with iron impurities. It is these, in fact, that give it its famous pink colour. Honestly, I don’t use it in my bath salts because it doesn’t bring any special benefits in my opinion. I prefer to use simple table salt and color it with a food red colorant. πŸ™‚

What is the best essential oil in bath salts?

The choice of essential oils for bath salts should not be random. The essential oil must relax and relieve fatigue. That’s why my list of essential oils for a perfect relaxing bath includes them:

  • lavender
  • mint
  • rosemary
  • eucalyptus
  • lemongrass

These are my favorites who recreate a spa at home.

What you will need

Creating relaxing bath salts takes less than 5 minutes and a few ingredients.


1. DIY Christmas Bath Salts: Candy Cane

Preparing bath salts is very easy. To start, pour some Epsom salt and sea salt into two glass bowls. For each, add a few drops of essential oil and food colorants. I also dissolved some coconut oil in the microwave and added it to the salts.
A typical Christmas motif is the Candy cane, the red and white one. Alternating layers of white and red will make your bath salts perfumed and perfect Christmas gifts.
For the bath salts “candy cane”, I chose a jar with a Christmas inscription on its surface (paid 1€ by the chain of stores ‘All one euro’) to make it more original.

In addition to the motif candy cane, I also made a salt bath with the typical Christmas colors, red, white and green. I alternated layers of colored salt to which I also added coconut oil and mint essential oil. As salts, I used Epson salt coloring it red, coarse sea salt that I left white and fine sea salt that I colored green.

Video Tutorial

Watch the tutorial video so you don’t miss any details about how to create a Bath salts as a Christmas gift.

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It was simple, wasn’t it? That’s the end result. As promised, few ingredients and little time for a great end result.

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  3. I received homemade bath salts before and I truly think they were one of the best DIY gifts I’ve ever received. So glad you posted a video. Would like to make one myself.

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