How to live sustainably

How to Live more Sustainably

If you’re reading this article, I’m sure you have the same concerns I do. Climate change is evident and already underway. Sudden changes in temperature, violent storms followed by days of sweltering heat are just some of the consequences. It is clear, that massive political actions are needed to reduce it but we all play an important role in it too. To learn more I leave here some links, with data of the critical temperature rise. If we make some changes to our habits, we can certainly do our part to try to reduce this global problem. Believing strongly in this message, I have decided to make changes to my lifestyle to live more sustainably. My mission is to reduce CO2 emissions, plastic use, and waste production. Small green habits that anyone can start right away.

How to live more sustainably: VIDEO

Climate change: How to live more sustainably

By now we know that the main cause of climate change is the massive use of fossil fuels, such as oil, coal, and methane. Their use releases greenhouse gases mainly CO2 and methane into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. So how can we become less dependent on fossil fuels? This is the question I asked myself and to answer in a concrete way I decided to make some changes in my lifestyle. Let’s see what!

Sustanaible living
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1. Car is my last choice

When we think of CO2 emissions, one of the first images that may come to mind is the car. While I have a driver’s license I do not own a car. Living in a big city, I can take advantage of an efficient network of means of transport that I use when there is bad weather, strong wind, or rain. On sunny days the best eco-friendly solution is to take the bike. Using a bike is definitely eco-friendly but also very healthy.

eco-friendly alternatives

2. No to consumerism

Compulsive buying starts a loop of waste of resources and pollution. The creation of new products produces the consequent emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. When these are shipped and delivered to stores, greenhouse gases are produced. Once bought and used, they could be thrown away and sent to landfills resulting in energy use and emissions. Once thrown away, consumerism will push you to buy more and there you are in a loop. To reduce it, buying only out of necessity or preferring, for example, second-hand stuff. Moreover, before throwing something away, let’s ask ourselves…can we reuse it? Trying to give a second life to items by doing upcycling. It is a great way to impact less on climate change. Below is me making over a secondhand piece of furniture.

Upcycling is not only fun but also environmentally friendly. 

3.  DIY

Closely related to the previous point and to reduce the amount of plastic used, I started with DIY. DIY is a hobby that allows us to create products by choosing the ingredients according to our needs. Making soaps, household cleaning products, or skincare products has helped me to greatly reduce the amount of plastic I daily produced. DIY has also made me more aware, learning the importance and role of each ingredient. This has made me a more careful and aware consumer. If you want to find out the top DIY recipes that give great results and save us money, check out my article about “My Best 7 DIY Things to Make at Home“.

DIY deodorant without baking soda How to live more sustainably

4. Eco-friendly Everyday Items

Adding to these changes are other daily changes. Replacing common everyday items with more eco-friendly alternatives, helps us to have less of an impact on the problem of climate change. Alternatives such as using a water bottle instead of plastic bottles, using a dish brush instead of a sponge that releases microplates, using washable sanitary pads, or a cup to replace plastic ones are great alternatives to consider. For more ideas on possible alternatives about how to live more sustainably, check out these posts of mine, zero waste for beginners and The Best Zero Waste on Etsy.

How to live more sustainably: VIDEO

These are some changes I have implemented in my life to live more sustainably. Of course, it’s still not enough, but the knowledge that every action has a global effect makes you more aware and ready to change new habits. Tell me in the comments what habits you’ve changed and what you just can’t give up. I’m really curious!

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