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Lavender Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

How to prepare soaps at home without caustic soda and in a short time? The solution is called melt and pour soap recipes. Soap recipes with melt and pour are ideal for beginners who want to try their hand at something beautiful and creative. In this article, I show you how to prepare a lavender melt and pour soap recipe. A scented natural soap with lavender flowers without lye.

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Lavender Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Lavender Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Easy soap recipe without lye

Creating soaps at home is a fun hobby. It allows us to express our creativity by creating something useful for us but also for the planet. Think about how many plastic soap containers we would avoid using and throwing in the landfill if we just made more soaps at home. For those who would like to create soap bars at home, but don’t have time and don’t want to handle caustic soda to make their soaps, the melt and pour method is the solution. With this method, we can create easy soap recipes without lye and taking only a few minutes. A technique worth trying.

Lavender Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

I love lavender and I decided to use it to enrich this recipe. The scent of this flower is instantly recognizable and the essential oils it contains are often used in aromatherapy and relaxation practices. In this recipe, lavender will not only give a pleasant fragrance to the soap but also play a role as a natural exfoliant. To use it in the recipe, I gathered a few lavender sprigs and let them dry for a few weeks upside down. Once dry, I plucked the small petals off the sprigs and set them aside for the recipe. Let’s take a quick look at how to make this soap.

If you don’t have lavender flowers on hand, they can easily be found commercially. Like this one.

Once purchased you can not only use them in this recipe but also fill small bags to scent your closet.

Lavender Melt and Pour Soap Recipe | Ingredients

To make this recipe we will need a few ingredients:

Lavender melt and pour soap recipe | Ingredients

As a soap base, I used a base already enriched with Shea butter to make the recipe even easier, without having to buy additional oils and butter.

The ingredients are very few, but this will not prevent us from creating beautiful and unique DIY natural soaps.

Lavender melt and pour soap recipe | Procedure

In the lavender melt and pour soap recipe, we’re going to create two soap layers. We need to:

  • cut into small pieces 50g (1.7Oz) of melt and pour opaque soap base and divide them into two parts of 25g (0.88Oz) each.
  • Melt the first 25g (0.88Oz) in a microwave or bain-marie.
  • While the soap melts, we put some dried lavender flowers in the mold.
  • Pour the melted soap into the mold and let it cool.
  • Melt other 25g (0.88Oz) of soap base in microwave or bain-marie.
  • Add to the melted soap, the purple colorant, and lavender flowers and stir.
  • To intensify the lavender scent, you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the melted soap. For 50g (1.7Oz) 2-3 drops will be enough.
  • When everything is well homogeneous pour over the first layer of soap and let cool.

If bubbles form on the surface of the freshly poured soap, you can remove them by spraying alcohol.


This soap is ideal for a gentle scrubbing effect. Having chosen a soap base enriched with Shea butter, this lavender soap will also be moisturizing and nourishing. If you’d like to find out more easy melt and pour recipes for making soaps, check them out here.

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