Skinimalism | The New Skincare Trend

Skinimalism | The New Skincare Trend

When I first read about the new trend in skincare I thought “this is for me!”. Yes, because the new skincare trend is called Skinimalism and it wants to combine two important concepts. On the one hand the importance of a good skincare routine and on the other hand the awareness that sometimes “less is more”, applying a minimalist style. In this article, we will better understand what Skinimalism means and some ideas to put into practice. Learn more about Skinimalism, the beauty trend for glowing skin.

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Skinimalism | The New Skincare Trend

Skinimalism the new skincare trend
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The cosmetic company and the impact on the environment

With the global problem of climate change and the huge amount of waste that is produced daily, the cosmetic industry is also moving fast to reduce its impact on the environment. There are many brands that have decided to change, for example, their packaging in favor of more sustainable alternatives. Let’s also think about the possibility of reusing the same container thanks to the “refill” option. In this way, the containers are filled up again without having to throw them away to buy new ones. Some examples of companies that adopt this philosophy are, Zao or Kjaer Weis for example.

But this may not be enough. Here is that the new trend of Skinimalism is starting to take its first steps especially among consumers who care about sustainability and the environment.

Skinimalism | What does Skinimalism Mean?

Skinimalism is the new beauty trend that applies the minimal style to beauty routines. With the motto of “less is more” and “slow-beauty”, this trend favors the use of cosmetic products with few ingredients, able to perform multiple functions but above all a skincare routine that does not require the application of endless steps and many products. Long story short, a trend that wants to reduce the number of products used and consequently the number of these that over time will fill the landfills. I also think that it could be a perfect trend to send an important message, which is to leave our skin more natural and accept it as it is in its uniqueness. Stop with the application of layers of foundation and excessive makeup, yes to minimalist yet conscious skincare.

Skinimalism, the beauty trend for glowing skin \ My approach

For a few years now, my cosmetics collection has been reduced to mascara, a black pencil, and an eyeshadow palette. As the years passed, my connection with make-up faded more and more preferring good skincare to apply foundation, powders, and other stuff. I gradually got my skin used to being cared for with organic creams and oils and accepting it just the way it is. Every morning, reflected in the mirror, I see my wrinkles around my eyes, my freckles, and the sunspot that I feel is darkening every day. Despite this, I prefer and feel more comfortable this way rather than with a covering layer of foundation. This is my personal way of looking at skincare and that’s why when I heard about Skinimalism I immediately recognized myself.

My Skinimalism Routine | The Products I Use

There are very few cosmetic products that I buy for skincare because I produce most of them at home. I tried these products a few years ago and found them to be excellent and in line with my skincare philosophy, that is, with only certified natural ingredients. As you read on, you will also discover why I don’t self-produce them as I have been doing solidly for years now for shampoos and soaps.

Skinimalism | The New Skincare Trend

1. Best Cleanser for Skinimalism

The first product is a gentle facial cleanser. The cleanser I use when I want to thoroughly cleanse my skin is Madara’s foaming cleanser. Just two pumps of this fluffy foam are enough to thoroughly cleanse the skin through slow circular massages. Madara cleanser is EcoCert certified and is Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-free, and also Nut Free. After massaging it onto the skin and rinsing with warm water, my skin feels soft and fresh. Why not self-produce an alternative? This product is hard for me to replace because of its foaming consistency. A good alternative could be also the cleansing milk.

2. Best Toner for Skinimalism

After cleansing your face with your cleanser, it’s time to rebalance your skin’s pH with a toner. The toner I use and recommend is Hej Organic’s, Cactus Toner. This German company makes some great certified and vegan skincare products. The toner leaves the skin fresh and fragrant ready for a cream application.

Why not self-produce an alternative? Actually, I do make my own toners but their shelf life is limited to a few days if kept in the fridge. Because of this, I sometimes don’t have any and use commercial toners that, thanks to their preservatives, keep for months.

3. Best Face cream for Skinimalism

The last product I apply is a face cream. The face cream I buy when I don’t have a chance to make my own is Lavera’s Moisturizing Face Cream. This brand, along with Weleda, is where I retreat to when I need a face cream immediately. This cream, specifically, has ingredients that I love. Moisturizing, easy-to-absorb light oils, and not intense essential oils make this my favorite cream. I know. You’re probably thinking, “but don’t you make your own cream at home?” Yes, I do make them, and buying some means something has happened. It happens that due to lack of ingredients or time, I cannot fit its preparation with my schedule, and with my husband’s constant request for a face cream, I prefer to buy one to make him happy and prepare the next cream quietly.

My skincare routine with commercial products is reduced to only three products, really minimal.

My Skinimalism Routine | Homemade Skincare

Skinimalism, the new skincare trend, is perfect if you adopt a sustainable lifestyle and aware that your choices have an influence on the planet. I prefer to alternate these products with homemade skincare. When it comes to homemade skincare for glowing skin alternatives, however, an important role is certainly played by clays. Green or white, they are perfect as a cleanser but also to create a face mask.

Do you want to discover new DIY recipes that are simple and have few ingredients? Check out my post.

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