mango bar soap

Mango Butter Bar Soap

DIY soaps are among my favorite products. Particularly using the cold process method, you can create soaps with specific characteristics simply by carefully choosing oils and butter. In this recipe, I show you how to make a cold process soap using mango butter instead of shea butter. As you continue reading you will discover the recipe to create your own mango butter bar soap! Let’s go!

how to make infused oils

How to make herb-infused oil

Herb maceration is one of the most used techniques in do-it-yourself cosmetics. This technique allows the preparation of unique herb-infused oils with peculiar properties given by the chosen herbs. Herb-infused oils are easy to make, require only two ingredients, and can be used in many beauty recipes. In this post, let’s see how to make an herb-infused oil that is perfect for the skin.

DIY deodorant without baking soda

DIY Deodorant without Baking Soda

When you decide to create DIY products at home, the first desire is often to make an effective and natural deodorant. However, the recipes you come across online are often baking soda-based, which might be too aggressive for sensitive and delicate skin. It is possible to get around this obstacle and prepare a great DIY vegan deodorant without baking soda. Taking advantage of the antimicrobial and sweat-absorbing properties of certain ingredients, it will be easy to create our own DIY deodorant without baking soda. Check out the post for more info and details.

crochet makeup remover pads

Crochet Makeup Remover Pads

To reduce the amount of waste produced, one way could be to create your own products at home. Among the most useful DIY techniques for this purpose is crochet. Knowing how to crochet means you can create useful items with just a ball of yarn and a crochet hook.
My first project is to create washable makeup remover pads to store in a glass jar. Great idea to stop buying disposable cotton makeup remover pads wrapped in plastic packaging.

best diy products to make at home

7 Best DIY things to make at home

How many times have we thought just outside a supermarket, “I only bought a few things but I still spent a fortune!!!”. This is a phrase I’ve heard but also said quite often. So why not create homemade products that you can easily make to save money? In this post, I’ll show you my 7 Best DIY things to make at home. Creating homemade products will allow us to save money, but above all reduce the amount of plastic produced.

DIY avocado face mask

Avocado, yogurt, and honey face mask

One of the most versatile and effective ingredients of DIY skincare is undoubtedly avocado. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, avocado helps to nourish our skin, making it brighter and more toned. But what if we add more ingredients to create a super face mask? That’s it! With the addition of yogurt and honey, we will transform a simple avocado into a nourishing face mask suitable for all skin types. Let’s start right now to prepare our avocado yogurt and honey face mask!

how to make bath bombs

How to make bath bombs

Bath bombs are something simple, fragrant, and certainly welcome if you want to give a do-it-yourself spa treatment. I realized, however, that I never shared a recipe that showed the process and the realization of bath bombs! In this post, I will show you how to make sparkling and scented bath bombs with few ingredients!

orange and cinnamon body scrub

Christmas body scrub with orange and cinnamon

For many people, Christmas is the best time of the year! Everything around us is colorful and bright! One way to make these days more joyful is definitely to give something to our friends and family! But how to surprise them? For a really original idea, we should avoid queues and “standard” gifts and have fun, instead, preparing our gifts at home! It doesn’t matter if they won’t be perfect, the thing that will make them really special and unique is having them made with our hands! In this article, I will show you how to prepare a Christmas body scrub with orange and cinnamon! A simple Christmas gift idea perfect for her and him!

cold process christmas soap

Cold process Christmas soap

If preparing cold process soap is one of your favorite hobbies, why not make some simple but effective scented soap as a Christmas gift? In this post, I will show you how to create simple homemade cold process Christmas soap that with the right colors will be perfect as a gift.