sustainable gift ideas on etsy

Sustainable gift ideas on Etsy

Finding the perfect gift is complicated and time-consuming! What if we wanted to buy our gifts from small artisans? The choice is not that difficult! Online shopping can be an excellent solution especially nowadays. In this article, I want to show you some sustainable gift ideas that we can find online, in particular on Etsy, to give something cute, handmade, and support small brands at the same time.

cleaning with vinegar

DIY Vinegar Cleaner That Actually Smells Great

To reduce the amount of waste and plastic as much as possible, I decided to replace some household cleaning products with just one. I prepared at home my natural cleaner using only 3 ingredients storing it in an old glass container. I will show you a very simple recipe to create a DIY vinegar cleaner that actually smells great. A MUST of natural DIY and zero-waste philosophy. In this post you will also discover why vinegar is an ideal ingredient as a natural cleaner and we will see it from a chemical point of view!

pros cons soap making

Pros and cons of making soap

If the idea of creating soaps has always attracted you but you are still not quite sure if it is really worth it, in this article you will find the main pros and cons of homemade soap to help you in this decision.
But, you know..I found myself in this situation too. When I got interested in do-it-yourself beauty recipes, the idea of starting frightened me because I didn’t want to risk losing money and time in something that I wouldn’t be able to do. But my concern turned out to be wrong! Discover how!Check out the blog post!:)

DIY cuticle softener

DIY cuticle softener

Today, I want to share with you a simple recipe for nail and cuticle care. I have noticed that my hands were getting drier due to the cold and frequent washing to comply with the measures of hygiene and safety. For this reason, I decided to make a natural remedy to nourish and strengthen my nails and cuticles. This remedy is also ideal for nails damaged or weakened by nail art and due to repeat applications of nail polish. Since, I was asked to share also natural remedies with ingredients that can be found at home, in this post I will show you two recipes of low and medium difficulty. Ready? Let’s start making a DIY cuticle softener!

halloween soap ideas

Halloween soap ideas

Even if you are not a big fan of Halloween, why not create something simple, easy, and cheap that can involve children too? Halloween soap ideas could be a great solution! Creating soap with the “melt and pour” method is a perfect activity to entertain children and make them create something creative and useful. For Halloween, I thought of a really simple soap that requires only a couple of ingredients, soap bases, and dyes. Let’s see how to prepare a Halloween soap great for children.

DIY natural face masks pumpkin

4 DIY natural face masks recipes with pumpkin

As temperatures get colder and colder, our skin risks becoming drier every day. To prevent it from losing its natural moisture, I have made a series of face masks to take care of it, giving it the right moisture and protection.
In this post, I want to show you how with just one ingredient you can create up to 4 face masks! Read on and you will find out my 4 DIY natural face masks recipes with pumpkin! What better ingredient than the symbol of autumn?!

diy fall home decor

DIY Fall Home Decor

With its warm colors and indistinguishable scents, autumn is one of my favorite seasons. To celebrate autumn in the best possible way, I decided to bring its colors into the house according to my zero-waste philosophy! Avoid buying useless plastic items but only decorate only with autumn elements that can be eaten or composted once autumn is over. Let’s see DIY Fall home decor!

simmer pot

How to make your house smell good

To make your house smell good, you don’t need to spend a fortune on scented candles or room fragrances. We can inebriate our home with 100% natural aromas, choosing the ingredients we like the most at practically no cost! In this post, I will show you how to make your house smell amazing with only one lemon and some aromatic herbs! With this simple simmer pot recipe, I will show you how I have made my home cozy and fragrant by choosing some aromatic herbs from my garden.

DIY basil face mask

DIY basil face mask

Basil is among the herbs I love the most. This year the basil plant on my balcony has grown so much and besides preparing pesto I had to invent something else to use it. I asked my Instagram followers what they would like to see between a basil tonic or a basil mask and the second option won out. In this article, I will show you my DIY recipe for a basil face mask.