DIY Non-Greasy Face Cream

DIY Non-Greasy Face Cream

When summer arrives and temperatures rise, moisturizing our skin with creams or lotions is the last thing on our minds. Applying a skin cream rich in oils and butter would make us sweat just thinking about it. To continue to moisturize the skin but in a gentle and fresh way, I made a DIY face cream that is non-greasy and perfect for summer. I used only light, fast-absorbing oils and minimized the number of ingredients needed. I, therefore, avoided using butter or viscous oils as well as Xanthan gum, to make it more fluid and easier to absorb. This cream is also great for oily skin that deserves hydration without applying too many oils.

Let’s see how to create a DIY non-greasy face cream perfect for summer and without xanthan gum.

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DIY Non-Greasy Face Cream

In cream formulation, choose the right ingredients is the first requirement. Especially in summer, it’s better to avoid viscous oil that can make the cream too greasy giving us that annoying feeling of heaviness on the face. For Phase A, I didn’t use Xanthan Gum to make the cream more fluffy instead of jelly but I still decided to use glycerin for its humectant properties. Glycerin is a hygroscopic substance that has the ability to absorb moisture from the environment. This helps to keep the skin hydrated and fresh.

DIY Non-Greasy Face Cream

To get more information about formulating creams, check out my post where I outline a bit of theory but more importantly the ingredients that can’t be missed in creams. 

DIY Non-Greasy Face Cream | Tutorial

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DIY Non-Greasy Face Cream


The ingredients needed to make this DIY non-greasy face cream for summer are:

Phase A

Phase B

Phase C


Let’s start preparing the phase A pouring distilled water and glycerin into a high temperature-resistant glass beaker and mix them. Now let’s prepare phase B. Let’s combine all the ingredients listed in this phase, namely oils and the emulsifier, and heat them in a bain-marie or microwave. When the emulsifier is completely melted and amalgamated with the other oils, let’s move on to the next step.

Before mixing phase A and phase B, it is important that both temperatures are similar and around 70°C (158°F). To do this, it will be useful to heat the solution of water and glycerin and increase it around this temperature.

DIY face cream

Now we are ready to pour the oils into the water/glycerin solution. Let’s mix with a hand blender until the two phases are well homogeneous.

At this point, let it cool and when the temperature is around 40°C (104°F) it is time to add phase C, that is Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E, fragrance, and preservative. Let’s mix them with the cream and here is our DIY non-greasy face cream without Xanthan gum is ready. Prepare your own cream to keep your skin hydrated even in summer.

DIY Non-Greasy Face Cream

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