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Sustainable beauty brand to try this year

Hello, gorgeous. How many of you are looking for cosmetic products that are not only “natural” but that are much more? Since I started my blog, my search has always been to find not only excellent ingredients but also companies and brands with values that also take into account the environment! A sustainable beauty brand to try this year is Natura | Ethical, Sustainable, Plant-Based Beauty from the Amazon. I will definitely try it this year, and I will write to you now why.

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Sustainable beauty brand to try this year

NATURA – when you care, you create beauty

A few days ago, I came across an image full of greenery that attracted my attention. Prompting me to click on it and discover what I will now describe in my own words.

The image directed me to a website, Natura | Ethical, Sustainable, Plant-Based Beauty from the Amazon, which immediately captured me. Words like ”climate commitment”, “natural origin formula” and “ecological packaging” could not go unnoticed by a fan of sustainable brands.



So I started to check it out properly, starting with the ingredients. The catalog is immense! It was not easy to choose my top 3 products that I would like to test. The first choice fell on their exfoliants. The list of ingredients seems to be ok. They contain natural exfoliants but above all DON’T oil derivatives, phthalates, etc. Definitely, stuff that my philosophy certainly does not admit. Then some oils and finally the bar soaps, which beyond brands and ingredients are my favorite items.


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The most interesting part was reading about their commitment to the environment. Many ingredients come from crops that preserve fair trade biodiversity from the Amazon. This brought me back to the trip to Costa Rica. I wrote about it a few months ago, here to read it. I remember the commitment that people from small communities put into their work to maintain a balance of sustainability.

Eco Packaging

Another important factor is the appearance of the packaging. Plastic is one of the biggest problems for our planet at the moment. However, it is a material that allows us to have safe products without any contamination. It is not easy for companies to manage this aspect and make it sustainable.
Natura tries to do it with the 4Rs theory. Recyclable, recycled, renewable (sugar cane), and refills. Recyclable and recycled are well known. Renewable means that instead of using fossil fuels they use sugar cane to produce the raw material to make plastic. (The chemist in me would like to write more but I would bore you :D). Refill is my favorite! I love it! I admit I buy many products that offer this option because it is an effective way to reduce plastic.


What also intrigued about Natura me were the different offers that I met looking at the two and pay one… shipping discount. I don’t know if now you are reading are still active but certainly, take a look! I’m sure you will find something 🙂


In conclusion, Natura has interested me. Not only for some of its products but above all for its commitment to the environment and fair trade biodiversity. I don’t know if you already knew it, I didn’t. What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments. 🙂


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  1. Sustainability is so important, especially in the cosmetics industry! This is a brand I’m yet to explore but I will have to check them out thank you for sharing!

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