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Beauty products that really work

Hi, beauties! Today I am writing this blog post to ask you a question? Do your beauty products really work? To this question, I don’t want to receive a simple “yes” or “no” as an answer, but I want to give you some food for thought. Everything starts with an article that I have read and that I link here. The article analyzed lip balms, stating that the use of some of them does not always help to reduce chapped and dry lips. This is because we need to analyze each product in more detail.

Disclosure: this post contains links about products that I tried and recommend. 


How to choose beauty products that really work

Don’t be fooled


This is a very important point that we often forget. Sometimes we let ourselves be fooled by aesthetics and good promotion and we buy products only because they are attractive. Buying a product just because it is beautiful can happen and has happened to everyone. I still remember the half a liter of shampoo, which I immediately regretted having bought after the first use. Going beyond aesthetics is the first step towards choosing the right products!!

Knowing the role of the ingredients

Lip care products that really work

Knowing the role that ingredients play in cosmetic products is the key to making educated and right decisions. Being able to read labels is an important knowledge that allows us to be more conscious consumers. It helps us to save money by avoiding buying products that we will ineffective.

Start making your own products with DIY

DIY Lip care products that really work

DIY has helped me a lot in getting closer to the cosmetic world. Through trial recipes, mistakes made and books read, I have understood how important each ingredient is. I became not only more skilled in making homemade products but also more aware of the products I buy and what I should expect from them.
Knowing the role of each individual ingredient helps us to easily recognize which DIY beauty recipes really work and which DON’T!

Due to my experience, I decided to create a project to help people to approach DIY in a more conscious way! It does not matter of answering the question “how do you make it?” but also “why do you do it?”. If you want to have a look at it, here is the link o start with my pdf guide to make you lip products from scratch. 🙂

guide how to make lip balm


To answer the initial question: do the lip products you are using really work? well, my answer is yes! Yes, because I made them at home, aware of the ingredients I used, their role, and the benefits they would bring.

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