men's face moisturizer

Men’s face moisturizer

Hi, beauties! Do you know what I thought in these days? That, although I make a lot of products for my husband, I have never shared them on my blog. I’ve been concentrating a lot on women’s skincare products. I don’t know exactly why but I want to make it up to you! Today, I want to make men’s face moisturizer.

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Men’s face moisturizer

Is there a difference between male and female skin?

Well yes! Although the structure of the skin is the same between man and woman, there are some parameters that differentiate us. Read here more.

The differences

Men’s facial skins are subjected to repeated stress due to continuous shaving. So the skin tries to “protect itself” in some way and that’s why it looks thicker than women’s facial skin. This makes men’s facial skin in need of continuous hydration and face-creams or oils are a must!

Men’s facial skin is richer in collagen, which explains why they have beautiful skin with few wrinkles! With all my envy. >.<‘

Due to the higher production of hormones, men’s facial skin appears more oily than women’s faces. Because of this, it would be (in my opinion) better to avoid heavy oils in formulations by preferring light or medium oils. We will see this in detail later.

Men’s face moisturizer: How to do it

The ingredients for 50g (1.76Oz) are:

Phase A

Phase B

Phase C


In this cream, I decided not to use fragrances or essential oils since my husband’s skin is very sensitive.


Phase A

  • In a glass jar, weigh Xanthan Gum, and add glycerin. Mix the two ingredients with a teaspoon and leave it for a while.
  • Add water into the glass jar containing Xanthan gum and glycerin, and mix them.
phase A
Phase A

Phase B

  • In a second glass jar, weigh all the ingredients listed as Phase B such as oils, butter, and emulsifiers. Warm them up in a microwave or in a bain-marie till they are melted.
phase B
Phase B

Phase A+B

  • Pour the phase B into A (both warmed).
  • Mix the two phases using a hand blender and let the cream cool down.

Phase C

  •  Add all the ingredients from Phase C into the cream and mix them.
  • Check pH.
Men's face moisturizer

Now your cream is ready to be used. Of course, I re-used an old container to reduce unnecessary waste.

Men's face moisturizer
The cream is ready

Just give it a try, I definitely recommend it! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Men’s face moisturizer”

  1. The recipe is wonderfull and so well explaned. I wonder if I can leave out the xantan gum and replace water with hydrosol? TIA

  2. Hi! Sure but the result will be slightly more fluid. At the beginning of my DIY journey, I didn’t add Xanthan Gum because I didn’t have it among my ingredients. The creams were great but the consistency was more fluid. Xanthan Gum is a thickening agent and by not using it we are not giving our creams that property. But don’t worry, it’s not a big deal not to use it.
    Also, yes, using hydrosol in the cream will help give the cream more properties.:)
    In any case, if you have other questions, write to me without hesitation. You can easily drop me a message on IG (@c6beauty) or Fb to have a more immediate response 🙂 Happy DIY day! Gabi

  3. I didn’t want to risk, so I got all the ingredients like Yours. I would like to add essential oil, so what % should I put?

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