DIY shampoo bar

DIY Shampoo bar with Ayurvedic powders

Hi, beauties! As you well know, I love DIY because it allows me to create recipes with different ingredients. Among my favorite DIY products, for sure there is a homemade shampoo bar. In this post, I had fun creating a DIY shampoo bar with Ayurvedic powders. Practicing Yoga and Meditation to balance body and mind, I wanted to bring these concepts into my DIY solid shampoo recipe as well. Hence the use of Ayurvedic powders such as Shikakai and Hibiscus.

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Ayurvedic shampoo bar recipe
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DIY shampoo bar with Ayurvedic Powders: how to use them for hair

Shikakai powder in shampoo bar recipe

Shikakai powder is a herb obtained from the bark of a shrub. I have been using this powder in my hair recipes for a few months now, as shampoo and masks, with excellent results. Shikakai powder has many benefits (read my previous post here) but what I have found the most, from my personal experience, is its strong untangling power! Having curly and frizzy hair, I often have knots in my hair so untangling shampoo is vital for me. With Shikakai, I’m sure I’ll get the right result.

Hibiscus powder

Hibiscus powder is a new ingredient I wanted to test because its properties are mainly focused on strength and shine hair. Given its color, it is ideal for accentuating the shine of mahogany hair. Out of curiosity, I bought it and tested it in this shampoo.

Ayurvedic shampoo bar recipe

What you will need

To create this Ayurvedic shampoo bar recipe, I used these ingredients:

  • SCI (sodium cocoyl Isethionate ) 21g (O.74 Oz), you can find it here
  • Deionized water 2mL (0.07 fOz), you can find it here
  • Conditioner Emulsifier vegetable 3g (0.10 Oz), you can find it here
  • BTMS 1.8g (0.06 Oz), you can find it here
  • Shikakai powder 1.8g (0.06 Oz), you can find it here
  • Hibiscus powder 1g (0.035 Oz), you can find it here
  • Mango butter 1.8g (0.06 Oz), you can find it here
  • Preservatives 0.18g (0.06 Oz), (I used Geogard), you can find it here
  • Vitamin E 0.1g (0.003 Oz), you can find it here
  • Fragrance (2 drops) (I used Ylang Ylang), you can find it here

The conditioner emulsifier vegetable is a mixture of cetearyl alcohol, lecithin, sodium cetearyl sulfate and vegetable oil all from vegetable origin.


The procedure is really easy:

  1. weight SCI in a glass jar
  2. combine all the solid ingredients and add water to mix it easier
  3. continue to mix the ingredients in a bain-marie or use a microwave to melt them. Once you got a paste add preservatives and fragrance
  4. pour in a plastic mold and let it cool down
Ayurvedic shampoo bar recipe | step
Steps Ayurvedic shampoo bar

Leave the solid shampoo to solidify for at least 24 hours before using it.

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This formula met my expectations. I wanted a shampoo that could wash and untangle my hair and that’s what I found using it.

I’m really happy!!

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