TOP 4 reasons DIY is must

Top 4 reasons DIY is a must

Why start doing your own beauty products??? Well.. for a lot of reasons but here I want to share with you the Top 4 that make DIY a must!

4 reasons DIY must

Top 4 reasons for choosing DIY

skin reason

1. DIY is a Must for SKIN

The first reason why DIY is a Must because of Skin! Skin is unique!! I’m pretty sure that my skin is completely different from yours rather than that of my best friend or my mum. Maybe your skin is extremely sensitive or how mine tends to fill up with pimples once a month. Each skin is different and needs to be treated differently. With DIY you can create your own products by choosing ingredients that are specific to certain skin types. On the market, there is a myriad of products that enhance their beneficial properties. But how many do we really have to try before we find what really meets our expectations? With DIY we can have fun creating new products. Maybe the first or the second one that we will realize will not be as we expected but by trying and testing we will finally be able to realise our unique, specific and effective product.

Reason #1: making your own product will give you the chance to realise something perfect and unique that you will love 


2. DIY is a Must for saving MONEY

It will certainly have happened to you to be at the airport waiting for your flight. What can I do in the meanwhile? Let’s spend time observing all the products at the duty-free… what!?!? More than 30 – 40€ for the “cheapest” skin cream!?!? Really?   No, my friends, it’s too much! Ok, probably the packaging is cute but it’s really worth it? And how many products do we have to buy before we can find the right and effective one for our skin? The other day I was curious to understand I much it would cost a cream made at home..well for 100 g (3.5Oz) of product ..less than 3-4 € ($)!!

Reason #2: save money!

fun reasons

3. DIY is a Must for having FUN

In all of us, there is a child. It’s not only a phrase but I think that is true. We are all day seating in front of the computer, or cleaning house, or discussing at work, surrounded by boring paperwork or studying for another exam! Sometimes I think “let’s do something concrete! Let’s get dirty our hands with colors..try to create something new and enjoy this time”. DIY is all of this! This means expressing your creativity; making mistakes and trying again; feeling proud to have created something unique. 

Reason #3: The exact moment you realise that you’ve done something special. It is also the moment that makes you proud of yourself and aware that you’re good!

reduce waste reasons DIY

4. DIY is a Must for REDUCING WASTE

Once I read that a way to reduce the amount of waste is starting to make your own beauty products at home. I totally agree with it! Think about the huge amount of products that we buy daily for our beauty, such as skin creams, hair products, tonics, etc.. How many empty jars do we throw away?? Maybe burned in an incinerator or even worst, dumped somewhere. Awful! By doing your products at home, we can re-use old jars and help the environment. If you want to learn more about the plastic problems just click here, I wrote an article only about it.

Reason #4: be aware that what we buy will become soon a waste! Try to make your best to reduce the amount of garbage!

These are only 4 reasons that had pushed me to start with DIY. My recipes are only a starting point to let your creativity go out, realizing something great!!

Have fun!! 🙂

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  1. Great motivation to create your own products! I love the idea of less waste with jars and packaging. I haven’t made any of my own stuff but it’s something I’m definitely interested in. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Great points! I have always been intrigued by all the DIY beauty posts that I’ve seen but never actually tried something myself… maybe it’s time to go for it!

  3. I use honey for all my DIY recipes! It’s amazing!! I will give a try to your face treatment, sounds good!! 🙂

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