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Scrubby Homemade Soap with Coffee

Making my own soap at home is one of my favorite hobbies, along with creating my own skin creams. Today, I’m sharing my recipe to create a Scrubby Homemade Soap with Coffee, a soap with an amazing natural scrub effect.

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Before making our Scrubby Homemade soap with Coffee

If you want to start producing soap at home, I recommend you read my previous post (click here) where I listed all the things you must know before you start making soaps. I will never repeat it enough: making soap is fun but you have to do it with awareness. Soap is the result of a chemical reaction that involves the use of a highly corrosive and dangerous substance: caustic soda. I recommend reading the post if you are a newbie to soap making.

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Scrubby Homemade Soap with Coffee




The procedure is the same as for the soap with pigments described in my previous post.

  1. Weigh the water in a polypropylene plastic container
  2. Weigh the oils and butters in a jar, big enough to contain about 300g (10.6oz) of the finished product
  3. Warm up the oils in a water bath or microwave till they are melted and then let cool them down till 45°C (113°F)
  4. Weigh the lye in another glass
  5. Pour gently lye INTO water and mix with a wooden or glass spoon. I would not use plastic or metal spoon to avoid potential reactions with the lye.  REMEMBER: DON’T pour water into the bowl of lye.  NEVER DO IT! The reaction is too energetic and will hurt you seriously!
  6. The temperature of the solution will increase up to about 90°C (194°F). When the lye is completely dissolved, let cool it down till about 45°C (113°F). To avoid this uncontrolled increase in temperature place the glass with the solution of soda in a bowl with cold water and ice. This will keep the temperature of the soda solution below 40°C. Read the details in my previous post.
  7. Oil and lye solution should have the same temperature.
  8. Pour the lye solution into the oil jar and blend the two phases with a hand blender.

9. At this point, you join two tablespoons of coffee powder in the soap mixture and continue to shake with the hand blender.

soap caffee

10. Now all that’s left is to pour the mixture into a mold and let it cool and solidify. I leave the soap for more than a week without touching it. I noticed that the more you let it rest the more the soap will improve its cleaning property (personal opinion).

Scrubby Homemade Soap with Coffee


This is the end result.

Scrubby Homemade Soap with Coffee

This soap is only suitable for washing hands and strongly discourages it as a shampoo or for the body. Using caustic soda, the pH is high and very different from that of the scalp. The coffee has a slight scrub effect on our hands. I love it is like a micro-massage 🙂

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!!!Important Considerations!!!

Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) is a very DANGEROUS compound that needs to be handled carefully. It is a caustic substance that it irreversibly destroys or damages a material with which it comes into contact. It causes serious damage if in contact with eyes or skin. For this reason, protective laboratory glasses and gloves, as well as long-sleeved shirts and trousers, should be worn whenever caustic soda is used. I also recommend using a mask because, when soda is dissolved in water, corrosive fumes are emitted which becomes very harmful if inhaled. In addition, it is always better to work in a ventilated area, so I recommend opening the windows to be more cautious.

Another important thing: this procedure should NOT be done if there are children around because you handle very dangerous products

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