homemade moisturising hand cream

Homemade moisturizing Hand cream

The cold season is coming and with it also rainy and dusty days. A product that can not be missed on our bedside table is a good natural homemade moisturizing hand cream. Prepare a do-it-yourself hand cream will help keep them hydrated and healthy and prevent them from cracking on cold days. How to do it? Just keep reading 🙂

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homemade moisturising hand cream
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If you’ve never formulated a cream, take a look at this link. I wrote an article with all the information you need to start formulating.

What you will need

Recipe| DIY hand cream

The ingredients for 100g are:

homemade hand cream

Phase A

Phase B

Phase C


Procedure | DIY hand cream

1. Prepare Phase A by just adding 34g of glycerin in 50g of water.
2. Weight all the ingredients for Phase B.
3. Melt Phase B in a water bath or microwave and heat up also Phase A in order to have
both at the same temperature.
4. Pour Phase A in B.

5. Mix the mixture with a hand mixer till the cream becomes thick and smooth.
6. Mix Phase C to cool down the mixture. When it will be at room temperature, add Phase C, and mix all the ingredients. In this phase, I used the fragrance of lavender. It is my habit to use hand cream before going to sleep and this fragrance helps me to relax and to alleviate stress and anxiety.
7. Finally, pour your cream into a jar (better if recycled). Here my last idea (Instagram Pics) and that’s it!

The result is a perfectly smooth and moisturising homemade hand cream!

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