homemade hand sanitiser

Homemade Hand Sanitiser

Hello, beauties! We’ve been talking about nothing else on the news these days. The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is now the focus of discussion and is causing a lot of concern. In just a few months, it has spread throughout the world, recording an increase in the number of infected and even deaths. However, the situation has also become much worse also in Europe. People’s concern has led them to storm supermarkets to buy not only food but, above all, items for personal hygiene such as cleansing wipes and sanitizer gels. WHO published a recipe for homemade hand sanitizer with few ingredients. I decided to share it to help spread it.

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WHO- recommended Handrub Formulations

The news of the spread of the virus began to bounce in all newspapers. Shortly, the supermarkets were stormed with the running out of long-term food and hygiene products. Same situation in pharmacies where masks and sanitizing gels were sold within minutes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has for a long time published a guideline for the self-production of sanitizing solutions. The aim was to help populations and regions of the world where water and hygiene shortages contributed to the rapid expansion of viruses and infectious diseases. The same procedure has therefore also been widespread in this new global health crisis to help people prevent contagion. Here to have a look at the document.

Homemade Hand Sanitiser

DIY Hand sanitiser: ingredients

The recipe proposed by the world health organisation uses only 4 ingredients that we will probably already have at home.

For 100g of hand sanitiser:

DIY Hand sanitiser: role of each ingredient

Ethyl alcohol at 96% is commonly used to prepare liqueurs at home. This alcohol to perform disinfectant functions must be in concentrations between 60-80%. For this reason, it must be diluted with distilled water (free of any bacterial contamination).

The hydrogen peroxide has the function to eliminate the presence of any spores or bacteria contained in the solution or container. It is, therefore, not involved in the hand disinfection process.

Glycerol (or glycerine) is used as a wetting agent to reduce the intrinsic dehydrating effect of alcohol.

Homemade Hand Sanitiser | Procedure

The procedure is very simple.

  1. weigh the alcohol in a glass container,
  2. pour hydrogen peroxide
  3. and glycerin.
  4. Increase to 100 g with distilled water.
steps hand sanitezer

Finally, leave the solution for at least 72 hours at rest so that all the ingredients are well amalgamated.


Handrub formulation

This very simple recipe will allow you to create your sanitising gel with only a few ingredients and in complete safety.

In any case, if you cannot use water and soap to wash your hand, choose products with alcohol in concentration between 60-80%.
I do not recommend replacing ethyl alcohol with the common denatured alcohol used for household cleaning. This because it may contain substances not suitable for skin contact. Otherwise, the substitution of ethyl alcohol with isopropanol is accepted. Here are the quantities provided by the WHO for a 10L solution.

Obviously, with the right proportions, you can create it in smaller quantities. If you need to know the quantities, for example, for 100 or 200g leave me a comment and I will write them down.

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8 thoughts on “Homemade Hand Sanitiser”

  1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I will have to try making my own. With the corona virus scare, I am afraid that ethyl alcohol may be out of stock too. I will buy some while I can and make my own hand sanitizer for my family to use.

  2. Sure. I normally use grams instead of working with volumes. In this case for 250g will be:
    • 168,75 g Ethanol 96%
    • 10g Hydrogen peroxide 3%
    • 5g Glycerol 98%
    • 27,5g Sterile distilled or boiled cold water

  3. This is such a great post. I can’t get hand sanitiser anywhere (just like most people just now) so I will have a go at making my own, thank you for sharing!

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