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TOP 3 Natural products – April 2019

Hi guys!

I’m back with a new Top 3 Natural products rank!(See my previous one here). After testing products in these months, I selected my top 3 that I would recommend to you. All these products are Natrue or ECOCERT certified which guarantees the natural origin of their ingredients.

But before starting!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. By clicking through them and making a purchase, I may receive a small commission WITHOUT any additional cost to you.

#3 Mádara – Cleaner, night and day cream


This brand is Ecocert certified with at least 95% of botanical ingredients from organic farming. I definitely love the Purifying foam that I’m using every morning to clean my face and start the day.

madara cleaner

Once I cleaned my skin, I moisturise it with the Deep Moisture Fluid that contains sodium hyaluronate, great ally against the effects of aging. (You can find it here)

Before going to sleep, I use Regenerating Night Cream and the day after I can really appreciate its effect. Since I started to use this beauty trio, I felt my skin definitely moisturised and improved in its tone.

Honestly, I bought this beauty trio for about 25€ on Amazon. The two creams contain 25mL (0.84 fl.oz.) each while the purifying foam is 150mL (5 fl.oz.). A good value for money!

I also love this brand for their social commitment. Their primary packaging are made of recyclable plastics or post-consumed plastics as claimed in annual ESG report (click here to read more about it). Using recycled plastic is a great way to reduce the impact that plastic production has on our planet.

#2 Plaine Naturkosmetik

Plaine Naturkosmetik is a German brand that I came across by chance on Instagram. I admit that I love discovering new brands which produce natural products that are somehow sustainable. Plaine Naturkosmetik is one of them. This brand produces a powder with a triple action for hair, shower and shave. I was extremely curios about it so I immediately wrote them an email asking for some testers. The company was really kind, accepting my request and sending me a nice box with their product.


This product is formulated for her and him. It’s perfect for travelling. It doesn’t occupy space in your luggage. NO PLASTIC. It’s certified (BDIH), It’s vegan and gluten free. It saves water and for those of you who avoid preservatives (I’m not one of them) it’s also preservatives free.


In each of those cute paper bags there are 3g of product. By adding some drops of water the powder becomes foam that is suitable as shampoo, shave and shower gel. The concept is amazing and brilliant as well as absolutely eco-friendly. My boyfriend and I tested the product for a while. If on one hand, he appreciated it, on the other I found the powder good as shower gel and shave but not the best for my hair as shampoo. I have curly, frizzy and long hair, definitely not easy to handle. To wash completely my hair I used two bags and I had to apply also a hair conditioner to untangle them.  My opinion is that it’s an innovative product that I’m gonna use for travelling or shave my legs. It’s for this reason that I gave it the second place in my TOP 3. If you want to know more about it, check their website.

#1 NO Planet B

No planetB EN

NO PLANET B is my TOP product for this month! I discovered this brand by chance while I was looking for a good gel douche at the supermarket. This brand is made in Germany and sold for 3€ only in one German drugstore ( I love this product because:

  • it uses great natural ingredients
  • it’s NATRUE certified
  • its packaging is made of 97% of recycled plastic and 3% of colours. doesn’t require new plastic!

Furthermore, 5 cents for each purchase will be donated to Social Plastic®, a charity established that empowers people in developing regions to recycle ocean plastic. In their website it is reported that “these communities in developing regions utilize The Plastic Bank’s recycling reward & incentive platform to improve livelihoods while preventing ocean plastic.”

My personal opinion is that we are all conscious that plastic wastes are a serious problem for the environment. If we can help such committed associations just buying a good gel douche, I will do it!