sustainable gift ideas on etsy

Sustainable gift ideas on Etsy

Finding the perfect gift is complicated and time-consuming! What if we wanted to buy gifts from small artisans? The choice is not that difficult! Online shopping can be an excellent solution especially nowadays. In this article, I want to show you some sustainable gift ideas that we can find online, in particular on Etsy, to give something cute, handmade, and support small brands at the same time.

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Sustainable gift ideas: Shops on Etsy

Sustainable gift ideas: Shops on Etsy
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If you are looking for handmade objects and you want to support small businesses, Etsy is definitely the solution.

For those who do not know it, Etsy is a platform that gives the possibility to anyone to open their own online store and sell their creations. You will find unique objects and it is worth taking a look at them. Let’s see some sustainable gift ideas on Etsy!

Handmade soap on Etsy

Handmade soap on Etsy

I love handmade soap! In my blog, I wrote a lot about them and that’s why the first gift idea is exactly them: natural handmade soaps. On Etsy, you can find different types but my favorites are undoubtedly natural soaps without packaging. Let’s get inspired by checking out this list with my favorites items. Some further stores that I recommend are:

Sustainable clothes on Etsy

Sustainable clothes on Etsy

Among the most appreciated Christmas gifts, certainly include clothing. To avoid fast fashion, (fashionable clothing with low-cost mass production), on Etsy we can find clothes with sustainable materials handcrafted in small workshops. Let’s get inspired by checking out this list for her. Some others are:

  • LINEN ID (Lithuania) 100% linen from 3 local producers, OEKO TEX certified.
  • DuskShop (Lithuania) 85% Organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester, GOTS, and PETA Vegan approved embroidered T-shirts.
  • Wild Bee Clothing (UK) organic cotton, Fair Wear, PETA & vegan approved clothing. Partner with Just One Tree – every purchase will fund the planting of one new tree.

Christmas items

Original sustainable items

But for those who want original and unconventional ideas, read on. Here, you will find my favorite items grouped into the collection Christmas Items.

Further items are listed here:

Cosmetic gift ideas

Cosmetic gift ideas

This gift idea is not part of the handmade gift options, but it is a little cuddle for ourselves. Yes, this is a bonus for us! Giving yourself a gift is also a way to love yourself!
A gift that I would love to give myself is a spa set, to relax perhaps sipping good red wine (or tea) and listening to good music. Some options are:

  • Koko and Clay (Germany). Clay Face Mask | Vegan Cosmetics Face Oil. Clay facial mask set and nourishing oil to restore the right balance and tone to the skin. Link here.
  • Concreate Decor (NY, USA). Bath & Beauty box | Spa gift set. A candle, a lip balm, a body oil, and even a bar of soap, and much more in this handmade kit. Link here.
  • Wild Flower by Anna (UK). Luxury Gift Set For Her, zero waste box. Soy candles, bath salts, massage oils for great DIY aromatherapy. Link here.

If these ideas have not completely convinced you, in this link, you will find perfect gift ideas for everyone and with a Christmas theme.

Etsy provides a great variety of products for many categories, Home & Living, Jewellery & Accessories, Craft Supplies & Tools, and much more! You just have to click on a link and have fun, looking for what you like best!

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