best zero waste products on Etsy

Best Zero Waste Products on Etsy

Implementing a more sustainable lifestyle might seem complicated and expensive. I admit I had the same concern a few years ago when I first approached the art of zero waste, but I was actually wrong. I started by putting into practice a concept that is so important to me: use what you own until it’s time to replace them. For example, you don’t need to throw away all your plastic items in good conditions to replace them with more eco-friendly alternatives. Just use what you have and replace them only when they are worn out and unusable with something more eco-friendly.
But where to find great alternatives when we need them?
In this post, I’ve collected in simple lists the best zero waste products available on Etsy.

Etsy is a platform that I love. Etsy gives small businesses the opportunity to sell their handmade products online and thus sustain themselves. Let’s see which products are a must-have to implement a zero-waste and sustainable lifestyle.

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Best Zero Waste Products on Etsy
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Best Zero waste products that you can find on Etsy

Below I’m gonna show you the main zero waste items grouped by categories. I decided to reorder them in simple lists so that it’s easier to find and compare them. I have grouped them into four categories such as zero waste kitchen products, zero waste bathroom products, zero waste home products, and finally zero waste beauty products.

Zero-waste kitchen products

How much waste is produced in the kitchen? Certainly, a lot if not the majority. When we cook, we produce a lot of organic waste but also a lot of plastic waste. This is because many foods are contained in plastic packaging to ensure their quality and freshness. We also consume a lot of paper towels to clean surfaces or we are forced to constantly change sponges to clean our dishes. In the kitchen, we can greatly reduce our daily waste production with just a few simple purchases. That’s how, unpaper towels, 100% compostable sponges, silicone freezer bags become perfect allies in the kitchen. 

Here, I have collected the most useful and aesthetically pleasing items for zero-waster apprentices. Check them out. What have I already purchased? I bought: 2 reusable dish sponges, a bath sponge for solid soap, a cotton bread bag, cotton pads, and some eco-friendly face towels. 
My order literally screamed: no more microplastics!

The company is small and the girls who hand make these items are really nice and deserve support. They are from Granada, Spain. CLICK HERE TO HAVE A LOOK AT THE SHOP!

Zero waste bathroom products

Zero waste bathroom products

Another room where we could start making changes is the bathroom. Here too, a lot of plastic is used and thrown away.

To be fair, I am not a particular fan of homemade oral hygiene products. In the past, I’ve suffered from repeated problems with my teeth and I prefer to be safe and ensure my teeth get the proper protection and care. If you too are a little hesitant, read on because I have a great alternative! On the market, you can find simple tablets that replace the classic tubes of toothpaste or complete kits ranging from a toothbrush to bamboo makeup remover pads.

If oral hygiene is still too hard to modify, I understand! You could start with something much simpler like bags to hold dirty clothes or a natural fiber soap dish to replace the classic plastic shower sponges.

Let’s get inspired by checking out this list.

Zero waste home products

Zero waste kitchen products

Here, we can unleash our imagination and have fun customizing our home with unique and original objects. From macramé to objects created by reusing old materials. I’ve collected in this list my favorite items, the ones I would love to buy to customize my home. My next purchase? A bag made of paper material but washable adapted as a plant pot!!! I love it! You can find it on the list! Go check it out!!!

Zero-waste beauty products

naked products soap

In this ultimate list of zero waste products on Etsy, I couldn’t mention my beloved naked products. The adjective ‘naked’ is used to refer to those products that are sold without plastic packaging. Symbols of naked products are soaps or solid shampoos but also deodorants or body butter, all strictly solid.

Using solid products might feel strange at first. With time, however, they will be easy to use and above all the best eco-sustainable option! You will immediately notice a substantial reduction of plastic produced, becoming a trusted ally in your path as zero-waster!

In the list you will find my favorite products, take a look now!


Etsy provides a great variety of products for many categories, Home & Living, Jewellery & Accessories, Craft Supplies & Tools, and much more! You just have to click on a link and have fun, looking for what you like best!

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