Month: August 2020

DIY basil face mask

DIY basil face mask

Basil is among the herbs I love the most. This year the basil plant on my balcony has grown so much and besides preparing pesto I had to invent something else to use it. I asked my Instagram followers what they would like to see between a basil tonic or a basil mask and the second option won out. In this article, I will show you my DIY recipe for a basil face mask.

best sunscreens for summer

Best sunscreens for this summer

Protecting yourself from the sun’s rays is very important not only in summer but throughout the year.
Using sun creams with an appropriate SPF reduces the risk of sunburn and prevent the risk of skin melanomas. Also knowing the meaning of acronyms like SPF, UVA, and UVB helps us to make more informed purchases. To learn more about, have a look at my previous post. I explained their meaning and how to tan in a healthy and safe way.
In this article, we will see the best sunscreens for this summer based on the ingredients contained.